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Welcome Diversity & Inclusion Conference Europe Attendees

Congratulations, you are now entered for a chance to win a virtual CQ Certification!  Winner will be announced near the end of the conference.  Please review our complimentary inclusion and educational resources.

The Cultural Intelligence Center is excited to attend and exhibit at the Diversity & Inclusion Conference Europe for the first time. We believe differences in beliefs, values and behaviors can cause misunderstandings and conflict. Without the right tools and mental models, it can be challenging to reap the benefits of diversity.

We would like to introduce you to Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is defined as the ability to relate and work effectively with people who are different from us. CQ is a valuable tool that can foster inclusion effectively. We believe that CQ is a key foundational element to any strategy that emphasizes inclusion and diversity.
Please enjoy the complimentary resources below and we hope to hear from you in the near future.

Complimentary Resources

For Inclusion Professionals

Please review these resources which are intended to showcase how CQ fits within your Inclusion strategy:


Although not complimentary, we also offer a CQ Credential – An Equity and Inclusion Masterclass which is ideal for students, Career Services Departments, University professors and early-career professionals.  Use code “LearnCQ25” at checkout to receive 25% off the purchase price.

For Educators

Please review these resources which are intended to be utilized in the higher education space:

Although not complimentary, we encourage you to checkout our CQ for Educators product suite via our CQ Store.  Use code “CQStore15″ at checkout for 15% off the purchase price.

CQ Certification

You have been entered into a drawing for a chance to win a virtual CQ Certification (valued at €2,235 EUR).  We are the only organization in the world able to certify one in Cultural Intelligence.  Our CQ Certification provides the resources and knowledge you need to be able to administer our CQ assessments, debrief our feedback reports, and even teach our unique CQ workshops through our Train-The-Trainer (TTT) programs.

About the Cultural Intelligence Center


The Cultural Intelligence Center is an innovative, research-based consulting and training organization that draws upon empirical findings to help executives, companies, universities, and government organizations assess and improve cultural intelligence (CQ)—the ability to work effectively with people from different nationalities, ethnicities, age groups, and more. We provide you with innovative solutions that improve multicultural performance based on rigorous academic research.  Watch this short video to learn more.


We help develop innovative solutions that improve multicultural performance based on rigorous academic research. In culturally diverse situations, CQ helps to predict the following:

  • Personal Adjustment and Adaptability
  • Judgment and Decision Making
  • Negotiation Effectiveness
  • Trust, Idea Sharing, and Innovation
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Profitability and Cost-Savings


We help organizations and institutions:

  • Unlock the innovation potential of diverse teams
  • Develop proven and sustainable cultural competency training models
  • Conduct equitable hiring processes
  • Scale on-demand unconscious bias courses
  • Become culturally intelligent educators
  • Develop next generation culturally intelligent leaders
  • And more

Meet Iva

Iva Jablan, General Manager Europe

Born and raised in Montenegro, Iva obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics, Management, and Finance from Bocconi University In Italy and her Master’s Degree in International Marketing and Business Development from Skema Business School in France. She is a certified CQ facilitator who speaks English, Serbian, Italian, and French.

Meet Polly

Polly Collingridge

Polly was born and (mostly) raised in London, she has also lived in Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the USA. She has an MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology and a degree in Italian and Spanish! Polly is passionate about the role of CQ in helping us work towards a more equitable society in which we all understand each other a little better. Polly Collingridge is Account Manager in our UK subsidiary. Most recently she has been a freelance intercultural trainer and is a CQ Certified Facilitator. 

Who We've Worked With


With a greater awareness of their own cultural intelligence, along with our diverse student learning teams and overseas study, Queen’s students have a unique opportunity to expand their cultural intelligence during the course of the program.”

–Shai Dubey, Director MBA Program at Queen’s School of Business

“As a trainer of psychologists, counselors, and other mental health professionals, I am struck by how simple, applicable, and effective this model is for students and practitioners in my field who strive for cultural competence.”

–Michael Goh, PhD, Director of Counseling Program, University of Minnesota